Advanced Nitrox – Technical Diving Courses

The Advanced Nitrox is designed to extend the diver’s knowledge in the usage of Nitrox for recreational diving. It foments the development of diving abilities and provides a better understanding of the concept of EANX Diving.

This program uses Nitrox mixes higher than 1.5 PO2.


Advanced Nitrox also qualifies divers for depths up to 140ft/42m and for 15min decompression stops.

The programa can be tout in side mount or back mount, you also learn how to dive with a stage tank, and you learn how to plan your dives with more detail, you will be tout how to get your right consumption volume rate, with this knowledge you will be able to know how much gas you really need in each dive.

You will master your buoyancy techniks, and your swimming, this will help consume less air and feel more confit able in the water. The course main propose is planning, drills and exercise and good communication techniks.

The program takes 4-5 days depending on the student managing their diving techniks, this program is the first step in to recreational technical diving.

Here in tulum we have the privilege to teach me how in the cenotes and in the ocean, so even with bad weather we go into the water.


  • Advance open water.
  • At least 30 deep dives.

We recommend to practice a diving with double tanks or side mount configuration, prior you course, and have master the back kick, and valve shut downs, this will help you very much to advance much faster in the program.

Course Duration: 4-5 days.
Price: $300 USD per day.

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