Cave Diver – Technical Diving Courses

This program is disign for divers that need to stay longer at a deeper cave, you will learn how to make a much safer plan for the deep and deco stops of your dives, learning the use of EANX, and handling deco bottles in the cave.

Advanced Nitrox — Technical Diving Courses in Tulúm

You will understand the usage of partial pressure of oxygen in the dives, how to label and identify a EANX bottle and how to handel it in the cave, you will have to master skills where you can set the deco bottles in places you won’t damage the cave and your equipment.

This course is just one step closer for exploration dives, we do this in a couple of cenotes down in Yucatan, were the caves are perfect to do this type of diving, we practice mainly in the cenotes here in tulum.

In Tulum we have many cenotes to do drills and fun dives, also the beaches here are great to relax and enjoy your evenings.


  • Must be a cave diver, and a nitrox advance diver prior on taking this

The price in this course is $300 USD per day it takes 2-3 days.

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