Cavern – Technical Diving Courses

This program is designed to develop cavern skills with the penetration limits of natural illumination and to ensure that the diver is self responsible and capable to handle the risk that cavern dive represents.

Come and do your cavern course at Tulum

You will learn how to rig your equipment for cavern diving, Understand the over head environment, skills that will teach you how to dive safely, in any emergency scenario, and come back to the surface safely, and having the less impact on the environment.

This course is part of the introduction in to cave diving, you learn the basics to go in to a flooded overhead environment, here in tulum we have many caverns to see, we mainly practice in two of them one being car wash and the other one ponderosa.

Tulum is one of the best places to learn how to cavern and cave dive, we are in pristine place, we have more than 13 cavern dives in the era, and more than 300 cave sites. Also our beaches are one of the best in the world.

Come and do your cavern course in Tulum!


  • Advance Open Water diver or equivalent with at least 10 immersions.
  • Minimum age: 15 years.

Course duration: 3-4 days.
Price: $250 USD per day.

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