Cenote diving and you should know – FAQ

Cenote Diving – FAQ

Where is Tulum and the best cenote diving?

Tulum is a small Town 130 km south of the tourist metropole Cancun. Your destination Airport will Cancun International Airport – Mexico. From There you can choose between various options how to get to Tulum.

1. With the BUS:

If you arrive during daytime up to 9 PM you will have the possibility to catch the ADO Bus from the Airport to Playa del Carmen where you would have to change the bus to Tulum or take a Cab from there. There are also a few schedules directly to Tulum from the airport if you are lucky you can catch one. This is cheapest way to get to Tulum ( around 18 USD)

2. With a collectivo (Mini Van)

Outside of the arrival area of the airport you have the chance to catch one of the collective minivans, which bring you directly to us to Tulum after dropping of the other passengers on their vacation hotel and they charge normally around 50USD

3. Private Transfer

If you like we can also organise you a private transfer which will bring you directly to our hotel. A private transfer for 2 persons for one way from the airport of Cancun to tulum town cost around 120 USD.

How to find us?

Our Cenote diving shop is located right on the main road in Tulum Town where you can find most of the restaurants, bars and shopping possibilities. The distance to the beach of Tulum is around 4 km from Town.

If you drive into the Town of Tulum coming from Cancun or Playa del Carmen you will have to drive to the middle of town where you can see our shop to your right hand side just one block before the municipality of Tulum.

Our Team is looking forward to your visit.

What is a Cenote Diving ?

Cenote Diving is diving in the daylight zone, that means you can see natural light during the whole dive and you will not enter the cave area where its completely dark. You will have roof over you but in case of an emergency there is no problem to come fast to the surface.

Sometimes people giving cenote diving a bad image and suggest people not to do it, which is a complete nonsense. Since all our cavern dives are conducted very safely and the group size are held to max. of 4 divers per guide. The guide is a trained cave diver and instructor and using double tanks with cave diving gear. For every certified Open Water Diver experienced or not we have the right choice of cavern (“Cenote”) where we can bring you to and it will an unforgettable dive experience which no body should miss while in Tulum.

Cave Diving

Our guided Cave Dives are only offered to divers who made the cave diver training with us or cave divers who visit us with a valid cave diving certification from a worldwide recognized association.

The best dive sites – the “Cenotes”

The word “Cenote” comes from the Mayan word “dzonot” and has the meanding of “sacred well”. The cenotes are freshwater reservoir in the inland and in a very short driving distance reachable with one of our Pickup Trucks. They offer Crystal clear water and a water temperature of 24 to 26 degrees Celsius (75 to 78 degrees) all year around.Tulum is surounded by them and the best dive sites for caverns you find in the area of Tulum. Since dive shops from playa del Carmen have a minimum of 25 min. to the first cenote diving sites, here in Tulum we are in 5 min. on the first site which makes Tulum a perfect base for guided Cavern as well as for Cave diving. A MUST FOR DIVERS!!!

Needed Dive Gear

For guided cenote diving you need not more than normal Open Water Dive Gear. If you don’t have your own or you don’t want to bring your own because of further travel, you can rent a whole set from us for 10 USD per day /per person.

In our dive education the gear is included.


Cenote Diving Packages

You can go to our dive package sites to see our different packages we offer. Or if you want a customized package to fit your schedule let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you to put it together.

Kitesurfing Mexico

The Kitesurfing Mexico Lessons we offer are professionally taught by EXTREME CONTROL at our beach location in Tulum.

For more information visit: www.extremecontrol.net

The lessons can private 1:1 with your instructor or in small groups. Depending on the person but in general you can say a min. of 6 to 9 hours is necessary to get you on the board and riding. Contact us for more detailed information about Kitesurfing Mexico.



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