Cenote Diving in Tulum Mexico

Cenote Diving with our team in Tulum

Cenote Diving is the main activity of certified Open Water Divers for Diving Tulum. It made Tulum to the „Mekka“ for many divers from all around the world. For those of you who ask themselves the question „ what is a cenote?“, Feel free to visit our page we dedicated to describe these unique natural wonders.Cenote Diving Mexico

Our Cenote Diving tours are conducted daily to this unique Entrances to the underworld of the Yucatan peninsula. There is a reason why they are considered to be one of the best dive sites on this planet.

The Crystal clear water makes cenote diving to an amazing adventure, giving you the feeling of flying through these Tunnels with endless seeming visibility. Cenote Diving tours are conducted in the entrance areas of the cenotes and are restricted to the daylight zone with no narrow passages. Don’t get confused with Cenote Diving and cave diving for certified cave divers, that’s two completely different activities. Our Tours are guided by a professional Instructor and cave diver who will up to max 4 divers through the cavern zone with its spectacular light effects and speleothems. Cenote Diving here in Tulum don’t reaches great depth (average depth 5 to 8m) which is all to the divers advantage of having around 45 min of an unforgettable experience.

cenote diving mexico in grand cenoteWe offer our guest the unique opportunity to record their memories with a GOPRO camera, which we can lent you for your cenote diving adventure.

As a frequent asked question is „ what are the best dive sites for cenote diving“, a frequent given answer is „well, there is no such thing as best dive sites for cenote diving, they are all unique and having it’s personal character and beauty“. If Gran Cenote, Dos Ojos, Calavera Cenote, Angelita Cenote, tajmahal cenote or any other of our cenote diving sites, you will have a great diving experience written down in your logbook, for which many divers will envy you.

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