Angelita Cenote

Angelita Cenote – dive into another world

Angelita cenote is a natural beauty immersed in the area’s lush tropical jungle, located about 12 miles south of Tulum. Angelita cenote has unique a disk-like form, with a diameter of 160 feet.
Angelita Cenote in Tulum - MexicoAs you step into the water of Angelita cenote and take a first look down you discover you are somewhere special, as the walls slope away out of site. Descending, at about 40 feet, the visibility improves becoming crystal clear all the way to the bottom, allowing you to perceive a large island of rocks and dead trees surrounded by an unusual cloud. As you approach this swirling cloud at 100 feet visibility improves even further, allowing the appearance of detailed features in the opposite wall 50 meters away.
Angelita Cenote TulumThis cloud in Angelita cenote is naturally occurring hydrogen sulphide, through which you sink losing visibility for 6 feet. Below the water is once again crystal clear, but since no sunlight can penetrate the hydrogen sulphide layer strong lights are required to make it to the bottom, located almost 200 feet deep.
Besides conducting fun dives in Angelita cenote to a maximum depth of 130 feet, we can explore it all the way down with technically trained divers, or during our IANTD Advanced Nitrox or Technical Diver Course.

For more information about Angelita Cenote or any other cenote diving site here in Tulum, don’t hesiate to contact us!


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