Calavera Cenote


Calavera Cenote is the closest of all of the cenotes to TULUM, and one of the more technically challenging cenote diving.
Just submerging into the water calavera cenote is a bit of an adventure, due to the fact that jumping in full equipment from almost 6 feet above the surface is required to enter the calavera cenote.

Luckily, a ladder is provided for the exit! Calavera cenote is a huge circular hole in the ground which reaches a depth of 60 feet, offering spectacular views of the surface above through what is known as a debris cone: a great mound formed by the initial roof collapse thousands of years ago and the accumulation of whatever happened to fall into the entrance. Impressive!

Calavera Cenote has it all, from fossilized reef featuring perfectly preserved sea urchin skeletons to the odd effects of swimming through a halocline, and as an added bonus stalagmites that glow in the dark.
Come for a cenote Dive with us to Calavera Cenote and enjoy the beauty of this unique cenote which counts to the best dive sites worldwide.

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