Carwash Cenote in Tulum

Carwash Cenote one of the best dive sites Tulum has to offer

Carwasch Cenote or also called Aktun Ha is located eight kilometers away from Tulum
(Aktun-Mayan for cave; Ha-Mayan for water).

Carwash Cenote, an excellent choice for a first cavern dive, is one of the largest single chamber caverns, reaching 60 feet of depth and extending far beyond the 200 feet penetration limit.

Carwash Cenote features one of the best-preserved fossilized coral reefs, as well as many golden decorations, both stalagmites and stalactites.

As an added bonus fresh water turtles are a common sight during the safety stop, and throughout the summer months an algal cloud forms in the surface pool, adding another exciting twist to the clear cavern water below.
Snorkeling is excellent, but only during the winter.

For more information on Carwash Cenote or any other of our dive sites for cenote diving, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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