Dos Ojos


Dos Ojos , the largest of all of the easily accessible cenotes, is probably the most famous one after being featured in a recent IMAX film. Due to its size, we offer two completely different Cenote Dives from the same entrance. The first dive in Dos Ojos takes you from one huge cenote opening to another, passing through a cavern zone which is not only vastly decorated, but remarkable for the quantity of light that penetrates it and its maximum depth of only 23 feet. The second dive in Dos Ojos takes place after a well deserved break, in which you can enjoy the peaceful jungle atmosphere and a picnic.
Moving towards a smaller third cenote this dive offers even more stalagmites and stalactites than the first, and a brief visit to the surface to observe local fruit bats.

Dos Ojos is snorkeling heaven!

Located about 9 miles north of Tulum, Dos Ojos makes a wonderful 2 dive

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