What is a cenote ?

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what is a cenote and how got it formedWhat is a cenote in general ?
Is a freshwater body, running irregularly shaped like a river, it is only visible when you open the ground, most of them seek a lower level, a lake, pond, or ocean. The underground rivers are full of beautiful stalagmites formations, stalactites, and columns, as they were dry by a long season.
What is a cenote and how was it formed?
Our theory, is that soil of the peninsula of Yucatan,  is made of limestone, what happened was when the continental plates moved into place now, the peninsula rose over the sea, the peninsula of Yucatan was a coral reef, sediment over sediment for millions of years created the Yucatan peninsula . what is a cenote? is petrified coral, as corals are composed of calcium.
What is a cenote and how are the speleothems formed?what is a cenote
aqueducts formation is due to the porous limestone is, when it rains the water can seep through it, reaching aquifers The pH of the water begins to shape the stone and make underwater tunnels, and everyone looking for a lower place, usually the sea or lagoon.
What is a cenote? is the formation of sinkholes, and are visible through the different changes of water levels that have suffered the underground river, when sea level drops too low the water level inside the caves and caverns, creating vaults, which time can not stand the weight of the roof collapsed, appearing clear water.
What is a cenote and how long took it to become this unique places?
Caves and caverns are decorated with stalactites, stalagmites, and columns. This was because they were dry in the ice ages, that the earth has undergone, the latest 12 000 years ago, that lasted about 1000 years, sea level was more than 500 meters away and more, this made ​​the level water  go down in the cenotes, the caves and caverns became dry, and with the rain dripping formed stalagmites, stalactites and columns. therefore found animal bones and prehistoric humans.

What is a cenote and were are the origins of the name?
The word comes from the Mayan Dzonot, which means cave entrance to the underworld or flooded cavern, the Maya are sacred places, relate them to their god of water Chac Mool or the gods of the underworld Xibalba, they say that when we die our spirits go to these caves to the underworld.
What is a cenote and who benefits in nature from them?
Is the water of many animals in the jungle can find variety of them as jaguars , monkeys, wild cats, deer, birds like the toh, etc. ..
this is the main source of fresh water that we have, we use this to drink and bathe is of utmost importance for the population cenotes in the state of Quintana Roo.

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