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Cenote Diving in Mexico with Koox Diving

The Cenote Diving specialized company Ko’ox Diving was founded in Tulum in 2011. We are dedicated to Cenote Diving and Cenote snorkeling and at sea. Our store is located in the center of the city of Tulum on the main road. We are a team of professionals with 15 years of diving experience, specializing in teaching and underwater maneuvers associated with PADI, IANTD and NACD.

Cenote Diving is one the various activities we offer to our clients. We love what we do and want to share and invite people to be surprised with these unique natural wonders in the world. There are several beautiful spots for snorkeling in the sea at Tulum where you can admire the canyons and caves and a large variety of marine life. In addition to diving into the sea, Tulum offers a wide choice of cenote diving and the best dive sites worldwide.

Cenote Diving Mexico

Cenote Diving in Mexico

The Mysticism, beauty and exuberance of these new wells  hardly explored landscapes, give us another world. Caverns and caves with exquisite decorations, stalactites and stalagmites, underwater gardens taken as a fairy tale and mazes that take you to majestic domes …  all this and more make diving in cenotes in Tulum something scuba divers have to live.

Cenote Snorkeling and Snorkeling Mexico in general, is a desirable and accessible experience for all who have not started cenote diving or diving in general. We do our Cenote Snorkeltours near Tulum and bays where the whole family can spend an unforgettable experience.

Cenote Diving is an experience that requires more preparation. Koox Diving offers diving courses in Tulum introductory, preparatory, advanced and technical for globally recognized certifications. Normally the first practices of the courses are in pools. We, here in Tulum, we have the luxury of being able to do these practices Diving in cenotes because transparency and calm waters. The guides for our guided Cenote Diving Tours and courses can be in English, Spanish, German and Italian.

Koox Diving is a company that always prioritizes the welfare and enjoyment of customers especially. We have many years of experience in Cenote Diving as well as recreational diving and we are always attentive to detail allow us, to give our customers full confidence about their safety.
dont lose the opportunity Cenote Diving or cenote snorkeling, something you can only do in Tulum.




your Koox Diving Team for Ocean and Cenote Diving in Tulum, Mexico.

Cenote Diving Mexico

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