Dive education & Kitesurfing

Dive Education & Kitesurfing Mexico

Dive Education is what Koox Diving is concentrating on. Quality and personalized training is what Koox Diving Tulum stands for. We offer all types of Training if dive education or Kitesurfing Mexico training with our partner EXTREME CONTROL on the white sanded beaches of Tulum.

Dive Education at Koox Diving Tulum

Our Dive Education we offer in various languages to our students to ensure a optimal learning curve throughout the dive education. We adapt our dive courses and training to personal needs of our students, our goal is to provide high quality training and set high standards.

Besides our dive courses we offer through our partner company extreme control Kitesurfing lessons in Tulum. For more information about our kitesurfing courses, don’t hesitate to contact us or feel free to browse through our pages to gather more information.

If you happen to be in Tulum Town, than simply swing by our shop for chat and we can give you more information on our dive education or kite surfing training right there.

Dive Education

Tulum Diving Courses from Beginner to Professional Dive Levels