Dive education with our team

Dive education is taught through the associations of PADI and IANTD

Dive Education for everyone with the Discovery scuba diver program:   This course is ideal for a person, which thinks on dive education, but has never done diving before, is just an introduction to the underwater world.  basically we give you a 45 minute theory class and 30 minute practice, afterwards we do a 40 minute dive, this can be done in a cenote or in the reef. The theory class we talk about: under water pressures, physiology of the body, how to handle equipment, signs, and drills. The practice part we do several drills, so you can feel comfortable during the dive. after this course you are ready for the next step. this course counts to  your next courses.

Scuba diver: if you don’t wan’t to do a complete your dive education or you don’t have enough time to do it this is ideal for you, is a 2 day diving course, after you finish you can dive anywhere in the world up to 12 meters deep (40 feet) and yo have to dive with a dive master or instructor, this is just half way to get you open water certification.  it goes like this you have to read and have the instructor explain you the theory of the first three chapters from the open water book, answer the quizzes, you have to do the three confined water skills, and do two dives.

Dive Education with Koox DivingOpen water course:  this is the most popular certification around, you can dive anywhere in the world to about 18 meters deep (60 feet) and you can dive with anyone that has the same qualification as you. it takes 3 days to finish the course, we start the first day, going through theory from the book chapter 1,2,3, we talk about physics, physiology, equipment, ambient, communication and drills. we go to a cenote and do all the confined water skills, and do one dive. The second day, we go back to the cenote do skills, dive number two, and go through theory from the book chapter 4 and 5, how to use the dive tables.
The third day we go to the ocean, do skills and dive number 3 and 4 in a reef, after that is the final exam.

referral course: this course is intended for all the divers that have started and what to finish somewhere else in the world. depending on what they started and need to finish is how the schedule is arranged.

Dive Education in Tulumadvanced open water course:  this course is for divers that whan’t to continue with their dive education, is five speciality dives where two of the dives have to be a deep dive and a navigation skills dives, with this level a diver can go as 30 meter deep (100 feet) and start going into more interesting dives around the world. it takes three days usually we do the first day: deep dive, navigation dive, in the ocean.  day two cavern dive, and video photography dive.  day three we do peak performance dive. and we teach you how to plan multi level dives.

rescue diver course:  this is the exciting and funnest course, to start you have to have done   your first aid and cpr course to enroll in the course. it takes 2 days, and you learn basic techniques on how to rescue a person underwater and above, give them the first aid, and take the victim to the nearest hospital or hyperbaric chamber, keeping safety first, in the course you have to do theory form a book with the instructor, and do two dives, learning how to do all the right skills.

Nitrox course: this course is intended for divers that whan’t to dive longer and safer, not to dive deeper. it takes two days, you learn how to plan your dives and how to check your gas mixtures on the tank.

Dive master course: this course is a professional level, it takes three weeks to accomplished, you learn how to manage and take care of divers under water, with the supervision of a dive instructor.  they are many drills to accomplished and theory with more detail, that has to be completed by the end of the course, upon finishing you can work in any dive shop around the world.

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