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Dive Expeditions with our team

Our dive expeditions lead in different waters of the best dive sites Mexico has to offer. Come and join us for some of our famous diving in Mexico. We will show the wide oceans of the Pacific side and bring you diving in La Paz a bit closer. For more information on our  expeditions to La Paz and some more images click the link below.

Diving in La Paz

Not only La Paz is the destination for our dive expeditions als the very well know revillagigedo area in the Pacific is one of our dive expeditions journeys. If you are curious about the revillagigedo dive expeditions, than follow the link below.


You want get more thrill on dive expeditions ? Well with our bull shark diving here on the Yucatan Peninsula we can bring a quite thrilling dive to you. For more information on our bull shark dive expeditions simply follow the link below.

Bull shark diving





If you need any further information’s on our dive expeditions, than don’t hesitate to contact us or if you are in the area drop by our dive shop in Tulum!

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