Bull shark diving – Mexico

Bull shark diving with Us

bull shark diving mexicoBull shark diving is during the months of november until march, we get the chance to see bull sharks in playa del carmen, they are all females and they are pregnant. We get to see more than 10 sharks at a time. They get really close to us, this is a dive up to 25 meters (80 feet) is very exciting bull shark diving.

During our bull shark diving you can also see sting rays on the dive, or remoras that come close to you, they are very curious and they are surrounding you, checking to see if you have food or if you are food. This dive  is a very safe dive, the bull sharks when they see that we are not part of the food chain they go away but they come back.

Bull shark diving in MexicoMany of the sharks you can see during our bull shark diving are seen more than three seasons they keep coming back, this dive is good for wide angle photos a snapshot you have to take if you are here to bull shark diving season.

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