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Diving in La Paz with Koox Diving Tulum

diving in la paz with Koox DivingDiving in La Paz is located in Baja California sur, the ocean is an oasis more life than you can imagine, the diving season is from august to November, good place to see big animals, and corals.  most of the diving is done in around four islands, and a pinnacle:  Espiritu santo, Cerralvo, san francisquito, las animas, and el bajo.  the city is very nice and calm the best sunsets you can see are here, and the most beautiful beach is located near by call balandra.

Diving in La Paz and the sea of cortez is very rich in food, so you get big animals that come along into the sea of cortez you can see whale sharks, humpback whales, sperm whales, fin whales, giant mantas, sea lions, orcas, hammerhead sharks, bottlenose dolphins, spinner dolphins, common dolphins, blue whales, and there has been great whites in the area.

Personally we had the fortune to swim with an orca once, and a humpback whales, i have seen a pot of common dolphins hunting a macarela  bait ball. This have been the most incredible experience of my life.  i would like to share my memories of diving in La Paz  with you.  The best time to have the most chances to see all this is in the first weeks of October.

Diving in La Paz – best dive sites:

Diving in La Paz at el faro: depth is 12 meters to 20 meters (40 feet to 70 feet)  is the most closest site for diving in La Paz you can see small colony of sea lions, a couple of groupers, many octopus, and if you get lucky you might see mobulas or even whale sharks while you are diving.

Diving in La PazDiving in La Paz at swannee reef: is a 12 meter dive  (40 feet) is a very biodiversity what you can find in this spot, many corals, and fishes, you can see sea lions that love to come down and play with the divers, there is lots of moray eels, sand eels, seahorses, frog fish, nudibranchs, schools of big eye jack fish, you can see how the cormorans bird hunt the bait ball, and the sea lion to, in the season the water is crystal clear.  Good place to take wide angle photos, and macro photos.

Diving in La Paz at wreck salvatierra:  is 18 meter dive (60 feet) this boat just to carry passengers and trucks from pichilingue port to topolobampo, it sank in the 1970’s, by mistake crashed against swanee reef, and they tried to make it to land and sank on the san gabriel channel. its been more than 40 years since it when down, you can’t dive inside the boat anymore, but is full of life.  You can see turtles, sardine fish the cover the hall Deck of the boat, gropers an jacks feeding on the sardines, sea horses, morey eels, and nunimbrancs.

Diving in La Paz at la reina: is a 20 meter to 18 meter dive (70 feet to 60 feet) is just a small pinnacle popping out of the water, there is a wreck from a boat that sunk on the late 1940’s.  it was giant manta cleaning station, but is hard to see them now and days, what you can see is the biggest bait ball of big eye jacks around so many they cover the sun, behind them you can see the barracuda bait ball, an yellow fin tuna hunting the fish, there is a small colony of sea lions at this spot, you can see the alpha male on the dives, also nudibranchs and octopus.

Diving in La Paz at punta lobos: is a 12 meter or 40 meter dive (40 feet or 120 feet) is a spot with lots of rock formations, in the rocks you can find many fishes, sea horses or lobsters, we get to see many turtles at this spot constantly, in the deep dives we go see the wall and black corals, this place sometimes you get to see a high concentration of mobulas, more than 100 get together.

Diving in La Paz at wreck c-59: is 20 meter dive (70 feet) is a war world II destroyer, is laying on the port side, so when you go in everything is sideways, very interesting dive you might see mobulas, sea eels, jaw fish and more.

Diving in La Paz at corralito reef: is a 10 meter dive (30 feet) is a very nice coral reef dive, many fishes, and is the house of the jaw fish, they are about 20 of them living here, nice place to see sea stars more 100 on the bottom.

Diving in La Paz at fang ming wreck: is 20 meter dive (70 feet) is a Chinese vessel that was captured the Mexican armada with illegal Chinese trying to get to the united states, is a cargo boat, very good for wreck penetration, lots of fishes living here even a hawksbill turtle, many moray eels, seahorses, and sometimes a bait ball of barracuda.

Diving in La Paz MexicoDiving in La Paz at la cabeza de la ballena: is 12 meter dive (40 feet) is a rock formations dive, it has a swim through in the island and a couple of caverns, best place to find nunimbrancs, some times you get to see mobula pass by.

Diving in La Paz at la cola de la ballena:  is 18 meter dive (60 feet) is a rock formation dive there is a small wreck here is a tuna fishing boat, tou can see corals, fishes, jaw fishes, yellow fin tuna and if lucky a whale my pass by here.

Diving in La Paz at la partida: is 12 meter dive (40 feet) is a beautiful reef great for macro photos, you can see lots of small fishes and nunimbrancs.

Diving in La Paz at la tintorera: is a 12 meter dive (40 feet) is a rock formation dive you can see many fishes and corals at this spot, if you are lucky might see mobulas.

Diving in La Paz at la mano: is a 12 meters dive to 40 meter dive (40 feet to 120 feet) is also a rocky formation but what is interesting is the black coral at 120 feet, so many is beautiful sight.

Diving in La Paz at Los islotes: is a spot where you can do more than 10 dives and see something different, is a dive from 5 meters to 30 meters (20 feet to 100 feet) this is the biggest sea lion colony in all of the sea of cortez there is more than 300 sea lions, the sea lion puppies are very playful  the place has so much live, is a rocky formation on the bottom, you can see also, jaw fishes, sea horses, a bait ball of barracudas, big eye jacks, etc.. is a very exciting dive great for wide angle photos, and macro photos.

Diving in La Paz at el bajo: is a 18 meter to 25 meter dive (60 feet to 80 feet) is one of the best dives around, is three pinnacles reaching the depth of 18 meters, you can see lots of fishes,  is the meca to see green moray eels in one hole you can see more than ten living together, sometimes you see dolphins, whale sharks, big mobulas, giant mantas, but the best is the hammerhead sharks if you are lucky you can see more than 60 together.

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