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Best Dive Sites for Reef Diving Tulum

Not only the cenotes are counting to the best dive sites we have here for Diving Mexico. Also our Reefs offer the best dive sites for an unforgettable dive expeditions. Sure you could discuss if they are really the best dive sites available but our diver responses over the years conducted guided reef dives here gave us the confirmation to confidently say that yes they are the best dive sites.

The great barrier reef following the coastline of the Yucatan peninsula offers a great variety of maritime life mixed with canyon’s and sea caverns, which makes our dive spots to attractive ocean dive sites. Koox Diving Tulum can offer unique bull shark diving and dive expeditions leading to some great diving in La Paz on the other side of Mexico.

Our team dedicated themself to provide it’s divers the best dive sites available to make their dive trips and dive expeditions to memorable experiences. Our dive education will take place in this colorful waters and brought many smiles to our students faces.

For more information to the best dive sites Tulum’s ocean has to offer, feel free to browse through the following pages or see our ocean dive sites with little description below.

Dive Sites in Tulum:

best dive sites at Tulum ReefBALLENA: A reef that has a rock sticking out of the water making it look like a whale passing by.  the dive is a 12 meter deep (40 feet) in this site you can encounter several Caribbean fishes, turtles, sting rays, nurse sharks, octopuses, nunimbrancs, groupers, etc. the corals are very healthy, the dive goes through manticles o reefs very decorated the place.


STING RAY: A shallow reef is 6 meters deep (25 feet) is very good place for beginners, sandy bottom close to a beautiful reef you can see many corals, and fishes, if you whan’t to try for the first dive in the ocean this is the place for you.


COQUITOS: This reef is about 12 meters deep (40 feet) here is very magical you never know what you might encounter, personally I have seen giant mantas, turtles, sting rays, sharks, and even whale shark, the reef is very healthy with fishes and corals, the dive goes through a couple of swim through that are very exciting, lots of little canyons with lots of corals,  you can actually do two dives in this site is so big.


best dive sites in TulumPICINA: This reef is about 12 meters deep (40 feet) similar to coquitos, in this place i have seen lots of eagle rays, is full of life corals and fishes very healthy.


CUEVITAS: This reef is about 12 meters deep (40 feet) i highly recommend this places it has so many swim through that you can imaged, you be under a couple of cathedrals, the light and fishes you find is magical, the corals are very healthy and you see many lobster under the swim through if you get lucky a nurse shark might be there just resting.


CANONES:  Is a 12 meter dive (40 feet) is going through canyons with the walls full of corals and fishes, the bottom is sandy by the most part, very easy dive, the current just takes you through them.


best dive sites in Tulum MexicoTANKHA DEEP: This is a 25 meter dive (80 feet) is full of corals and small canyons, at this site we mainly go looking for big fishes, like turtles, nurse sharks or if we get lucky bull sharks. the visibility is very good so you can almost see the cantil from this site.


XEL HA DEEP:  This is a 25 meter (80 feet) very similar to tankah deep, but allot more corals if you like crystal clear water this is the place for you to go, you might encounter many lion fish on the reef. 

For more information to the best dive sites we offer, don’t hesitate to contact our Diving Mexico Team directly.



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