DPV Open Water – Technical Diving Courses

This program is designed to teach the diver how to use propulsion vehicles(DPV) underwater in open waters.

The purpose of this course is to expose the diver to the responsible ethic that represents the use of DPV, either for exploration or recreational use.

DPV for Technical Diving and Cave Diving

You will learn how disassemble the unit, (depending on the brand and model, might have different procedures) and reassemble the unit, how to charge it, maintenance of the unit, how to clean it, how to carry it and what to do if it gets flooded.

The program will teach how to operate in the water, showing you how to control in a safety manner for you and others, as also the conservation of the environment.

In the program you will also learn safety drills, in case the dpv stops working in the water, what right protocol to follow for a safety exit. How to plan your dives accordingly for the use of the DPV.

Here in Tulum, we can teach this course in a cenote as well as the ocean, this is a great course to have, once you dive with a DPV you never what to go back to swimming.

No more than 2 people per instructor.



  • 18 years old, minimum
  • Advanced OW, minimum
  • 25 dives

Course duration: 3 days, including 4 dives.
Price: $1000 USD.

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