Revillagigedo expeditions

The archipelago of revillagigedo is located south about 190 nautical miles from cabo san lucas baja califronia sur mexico. is composed of three islands and a rock islet, san benedicto, socorro, clarion and roca partida, to reach this islands you have to take a live aboard from cabo san lucas. it takes about 24 hours to reach the first island.  we only go to san benedicto, socorro, and roca partida, clarion island is to far to go to.

Revillagigedo with Koox-diving-tulumThese islands are famous for the giant manta diving, whale sharks, bottlenose dolphins humpback whales, and all the different types of sharks that you can see, hammerhead, silky, tiger, galapagos, white tip, and silver tip. you can see all of this in one dive. this places are the best diving i have done in my life. we have more than 50 trips we know the place very well.

We do 2 days traveling 6 days diving, doing from 3 to 4 dives a day. we do most of the dives with nitrox, the boat is  equipped with oxygen for emergency, and mixing gases, hyperbaric chamber on board, nautiluses radio, satellite phone, and epirb. the food is excellent. the accomodations are very nice.

Revillagigedo and it’s best dive sites:

Revillagigedo-isla san benedicto, is a volcanic island with two craters still active, (barcena and herrera), there is no one living in this island, but the life in the water is very cool.

Revillagigedo-el boiler: is a 25 meter dive (80 feet) is a rock that almost sticks out of the water here we come to see the giant manta, you can see sometimes four of them together, also you can see white tip sharks, tiger, hammerhead.

Revillagigedo -el cañon: is a 25 meter dive (80 feet) is a rock wall that drops, from the bottom all the sharks appear, good place to see big schools of hammerheads, you can see giant mantas, dolphins, tiger sharks, white tip, and silver tip sharks.

Revillagigedo -roca partida, is an old volcano sticking out of the water in the middle of the pacific ocean, is about 20 meter wide (70 feet) and about  80 meter long (264 feet) this place has everything in one dive, the dive is to 25 meter deep (80 feet) you can see from schools of giant tunas, schools of hammerheads, schools of white tips that live in caves on the rock, schools of silky sharks, schools of silver tip sharks, schools of bonitos, giant mantas, big mobulas, marlins, ponds of dolphins, in november to december you can see whale sharks, and in february to may you can see humpback whales, and you can hear them all of this in one dive.

Revillagigedo-socorro island is the biggest of all them it has a volcano call everman, the island is cover with vegetation, there is a mexican navy base, it has a good sites for diving.

Revillagigedo-Punta tosca: has different ways to dive it, you can go by the outside of the walls and dive up to 25 meters (80 feet) we see on the outsides hammerhead and white tip sharks the  giant mantas come and play, is good for wide angle photos, by the inside of the wall you can dive to 18 meters (60 feet) is full of lobsters, in one rock you can find a colony of 30, they just pop out of the rock is a good dive for macro photos.

Revillagigedo-cabo pearce: is a 25 meter dive (80 feet) is one of the best dives sites i have done, is a point going down to the abyss, you can see here giant mantas, a colony of bottlenose dolphins that love to come and play, schools of hammerheads sharks, tiger sharks, and octopuses. i seen mantas swimming right in front of me, and in the back hammer heads, will a humpback whale is singing.

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