Sidemount Open Water – Technical Diving Courses

This program familiarizes the diver with the equipment and abilities needed for diving with sidemount. It allows the divers to be able to adjust the equipment for a good performance in the water, the student also learns how to plan much better their dives, they are going to be diving on single and doble tanks, we teach how no to go over their limits on time and depth.

The propose is to learn how to rig the harness so you are more aqua diatomic, with this type of technique you will be able to reach tide spaces in the reef, once you master your equipment under water you will notice the faster and easier you can swim.

Sidemount Diving in Open Water

You will learn how to manage the pressure of each tank, so it doesn’t catch you off balance and your tanks don’t become to positive in one side, they have to be even.

Normally side mount diving is use for a specific task in over head environment, but it has become very popular, for the fact that you don’t have to carry anything on your back. Once you try it a couple of times, you will be hooked to the equipment.

This type of diving makes it more easier to move around inside and out of the water, if you have back problems we really recommend this program for you. Ideal for traveling the sidemount equipment is less bulk.

Here in Tulum we can teach in deferent open cenotes as well in the ocean, make in it one of the best place to learn side mount diving.


  • 25 dives
  • Good buoyancy

Course duration: 3-4 days.
Price: $600 USD.

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