Technical Diver – Technical Diving Courses

This program is designed to train persons to dive between 100ft/31m and 150ft/51m using a combination of customized gases and to give a better acknowledge of gas combination and a full understanding of the limits at any Nitrox mixture as well as the correct use of Oxygen and Nitrox to decompress, during a Technical dive.

Technical Diving in Open Water

The program will consist, on drills for any emergencies during the deep dives, planing for each escenario, analyzing each mixture, learning how to use a software for your dive planing. We do training in the ocean as well in the cenotes.

Here in Tulum we have many places we can take you, the ocean is a good deep dives many corals, and fishes, maybe even a shark, in the cenotes the most mind blowing underwater escenario us, here in tulum we are privalige if there rough seas we can dive in the cenotes.

It is important to have expirience diving with back mount and sidemount, also on hadeling stages under water, your buoyancy and kick techniques have to be in good shape, the communication has to be consist, and your equipment well rig.


  • Be a certified Advanced Nitrox with at least 100 dives considering that 30 of them must have been at a minimum deep of 90 feet /27 mt.
  • Minimum age: 18 years.

Course duration: 3-4 days, including 4 dives.
Price: $400 USD per day + $30 USD for certification.

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